Mount Kilimanjaro is an interesting mountain to climb. Here are 10 facts about Mount Kilimanjaro that no one is telling you

Altitude sickness on Mount Kilimanjaro is not what you think

You must have heard a lot about altitude sickness to the point that you may be convinced that everyone gets altitude sickness on the mountain. But the truth is that not every client gets altitude sickness on Mount Kilimanjaro. It all depends on how well your body acclimatizes and your positive mental attitude.

Another interesting fact about altitude sickness is that you may experience altitude sickness on Mount Kilimanjaro and still continue with the climb up to the summit. But, this is possible if the sickness is on low altitudes and the guides manage to help you recover from the conditions.

The size of your Kilimanjaro crew is big for a reason

kilimanjaro mountain crew
Many clients who trek Kilimanjaro are surprised by the number of support crew who climb with them. But once you realize how much work has to be done on the mountain for the clients, you will understand the crew size is perfect to get things done. Your duffle bag, all the food for the clients and crew members, camping equipment, cooking equipment, and any other special items to be brought to the mountain. The ratio of a client to porters is 3 porters per client. Imagine, 100 clients require at least 300 porters. It happened some years ago, one tour operator took 100 clients at a time.

Summit statistics for the crew
kilimanjaro crew summit success

Most of your Kilimanjaro guides have reached the summit over 200 times. The same cannot be said for porters. There are more porters who have not submitted Kilimanjaro than those who have summited. Most porters reach up to the base camp. There is a special group of porters we call summit porters who usually go past the base camp.

Mount Kilimanjaro is entirely in Tanzania

Though you can see Mount Kilimanjaro while you are in some parts of Kenya, the mountain is entirely in Tanzania. In fact, it is about 20 kilometers from the border of Tanzania and Kenya.
The famous image of Mount Kilimanjaro where elephants are seen at the front of the mountain is actually shot in Kenya at Amboseli national park, not in Tanzania. You can easily notice a photo of Mount Kilimanjaro taken from the Kenyan side vs Tanzanian side by looking at which side of Kibo peak is Mawenzi peak. Photos from the Kenyan side show Mawenzi peak being on the left side of Kibo peak, while photos taken from the Tanzanian side show Mawenzi peak being on the right side of Kibo peak.


Names of Kilimanjaro starting gates

londrosi gate lemosho route

All Kilimanjaro Climbing starting gates are named after the villages where the routes started. For instance, Machame gate is in Machame village, Umbwe gate is in Umbwe village, Lemosho gate is in Lemosho village, etc.

Things have changed a lot on Mount Kilimanjaro
Years ago, things were quite different on the Mountain. For instance, there was no radio communication, you could find park rangers only at the gates only, but now park ranges are at the campsites. In the parks, it was common for porters and guides to have no sleeping bags, they would normally use bed sheets and blankets, and sleep in caves. Cooking was done in the past using firewood, now we usually use cooking gas.

Now it is time to take action and climb Kilimanjaro
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