Kilimanjaro Gear List - Everything You Need To Know About Kilimanjaro Climb

Before Arrival

Climbing Kilimanjaro Gear List
For your Mount Kilimanjaro climb, having high-quality Kilimanjaro gear list and equipment you can trust for sudden weather changes is important. Depending on the time of the year you plan to climb, you can anticipate experiencing extreme heat, followed by heavy rain, and temperatures below freezing point at night, frequently all on the same day. With that said, it is strongly advised to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with lightweight, weatherproof, and water-resistant equipment.
kilimanjaro gear list
Choosing a Local Kilimanjaro Climb Guide
Choosing a Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide is essential for a successful Kilimanjaro climb experience. We advise choosing a local guide with years of Experience, past client reviews, and who is certified. It is also very important to choose an operator who is a member of Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project KPAP

The expected knowledge about Kilimanjaro that your guide should have includes knowledge of the terrain, weather, and safety checks.
Training For Kilimanjaro Climb
Kilimanjaro is not a technical mountain climb but requires being in good physical shape and a stable mindset. We have compiled a list of physical activities you can get accustomed to while preparing for your Mount Kilimanjaro climb. Aspects for your

  1. Endurance & cardiovascular fitness
  2. Leg, core & back strength
  3. Flexibility and balance (stretching)
  4. Get out and hike, preferably incorporating rough trails and hills
  5. Mental stamina
Getting to Mount Kilimanjaro
Getting to Mount Kilimanjaro means you have to travel to Tanzania. The most common and nearest airport to Africa's highest peak is Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA).

Nyange Adventures provides pick-up and drop-off services from this airport for climbers who book with us.

Other options include landing at Julius Kambarage Nyerere Airport, which is the largest airport, or Abeid Amani Karume International Airport and traveling to the Kilimanjaro region either by local flights or by road (bus or private vehicles can be arranged).

On Your Climb

Airport Pick-up & Drop-off
You will be picked up by a Nyange Adventures representative holding a welcome sign at the airport with a Nyange Adventures logo and your name on it. Depending on your arrival time, you will be taken to your pre climb accommodation in Moshi Town, and here you will take a rest and wait to be picked up by your guide for the Mount Kilimanjaro briefing. At the end of your Kilimanjaro climb, you will be dropped off by a Nyange Adventures representative at Kilimanjaro International Airport.
Kilimanjaro Climb Mountain Tents
With the exception of the Marangu Route, which provides huts for climbers' accommodation, all other Kilimanjaro routes necessitate camping. After a long and exhausting day of your Kilimanjaro climbing adventure, you will need a sanctuary to lie down and take a long night of rest. For Nyange Adventures, camping is part of your mountain adventures. We will provide you with a four-season tent designed specifically to endure mountain conditions.

The tents are designed to accommodate three climbers , but you will only be two, leaving enough space for you to place your duffel bags. When you arrive at your camp, your tents will be already set up. Note that these tents are manufactured to withstand heavy rain, high winds and snow cover, making them the best for Mountain Kilimanjaro Accommodation.
Your Daily Kilimanjaro Climb Schedule
A crew member will arrive early to bring you hot water to wash your face and clean your teeth. You will then have a hot beverage to warm you up before breakfast. You will need to repack your duffel bag, leaving accessible only the things you will need for the day. You will have breakfast at the mess tent and then health checks will be conducted. Refill your water bottles or hydration reservoirs before leaving the camp. At around 8 am, we will hit the trail holding your trekking poles. We will move at a slow, moderate pace and have plenty of stops for dehydration and snacks. Also, enjoy the beautiful scenery. 
"Pole pole" will be the slogan, reminding you to move slowly. Your guides will trek with you, making sure you stay together and monitoring everyone's conditions. You will be served lunch along the way. It might be a hot lunch or a picnic lunch. This will depend on the day, route, and weather conditions. We will again take on a short trail before we reach another cam. Your advised to move out of the wet clothes and change... Open up your sleeping bag and head to the mess hall for Snacks and hot beverages 

On some afternoons, we will take a short hike for acclimitization. We will hike to higher elevations as part of our high-sleep-low protocol. An eraly dinner will be served right after the evening medical check. After dinner, you can choose to sleep early or catch up a bit on the mess table.
Kilimanjaro Food & Drinks
Large, wholesome meals prepared by our chefs will keep you satisfied and fed throughout your Kilimanjaro climb. Breakfast and dinner will be served to you hot and freshly prepared with ingredients sourced locally. We make sure all of our food is delicious and safe to eat by following strict hygiene guidelines during preparation. To meet the energy requirements of the trek, our menus are created to be nutrient-dense and varied.

We always give our climbers boiled, filtered, and purified water. In Africa, drinking untreated water is a significant contributor to digestive issues. All of our water, including the water used to wash dishes and cook with, is treated.
Preparing For Summit
As soon as you arrive at Barafu camp, you prepare for your summit day. As soon as you arrive, prepare your day pack and have plenty of rest. The Summit trek will start at midnight. You’ll need your head torch, water, snacks and any other essentials in your daypack.To prepare for the summit, get your temperature right, conserve energy by keeping warm, eating and drinking plenty, and using stops effectively. "Polepole" Go slow and follow your guides' lead.

By daybreak, we will be at the crater rim. You will see a beautiful sunrise over Mawenzi. A 360 view looking down at the crater. You will see glacier ice fields. From here it is another 1–2 hours to our ultimate destination, "The Uhuru Peak".
Nyange Adventures Celebration Dinner
For many Kilimanjaro Operators your will receive your Kilimanjaro certificates as soon as you finish your descend. At Nyange Adventure you get to celebrate your Accomplishment by having a celebratory Dinner with all your Crew and other Nyange Adventures Team members. You enjoy a great scenery, music and dances. The Video below Speaks louder than words can tell your day with Nyange Adventure after your Kilimanjaro Climbing Experience

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Styles


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