Giving back to the community

As a company, our primary focus is on organizing tours with an ethical and eco-friendly approach and giving back to the community is an important part of what Nyange Adventures is about. As a locally owned tour operator, employing local drivers, porters and office staff is just the start of our journey to help eradicate poverty. All our tours also benefit the indigenous people and local communities through fair wages or charitable outreach programs.

“A successful business shouldn’t be an individual rising to the top. It should be about lifting up a whole community, its children and its elders.” – Praise, Director of Nyange Adventures.

Community Projects

For every client going on a climb or safari, Nyange Adventures donates back to community projects in Moshi. Below are some of that projects we support and that you will be supporting too by booking with us.

African Impact

Elderly homes are extremely rare in Tanzania, and in Africa in general. Elderly people (known as “wazee”) are highly respected, and families will usually care for their elderly relatives in their home. However, sadly there are those who have no family or their family is too poor to take care of them.

African Impact, through its sister partner The Happy Africa Foundation, and Nyange Adventures are continuously fundraising to support a government-run home for the elderly in Moshi. Nyange Adventures has been supporting the project since 2014 and has so far donated over $12,000 USD.


We support TEATEM NGO, a Moshi based NGO committed to improving lives of Tanzanians through the quality of both formal and informal education.

TEATEM’s Je Sisi program focuses on life skills training for early teens to help them make responsible decisions and realize the impact their decisions have on their family, environment and society. This is a project that we also proudly sponsor here at Nyange Adventures.

Msamaria Centre of Street Children

Nyange Adventures also supports the Msamaria Centre of Street Children, a registered Tanzanian NGO which provides support and care to street children, orphans, families, and communities in Moshi. The centre accommodates 40 children, but Msamaria supports up to 60 children in total, ranging in ages from 6 to 18 years old.

If you would like to visit any of the above projects before or after your climb or safari, we can arrange a guided visit for you where you can greet the residents and see where the donations are going. Please contact us for further information.

Green Initiatives

We are also proud to ensure the carbon footprint of your next safari or mountain climb will be offset thanks to our friends at Carbon Tanzania.

The effects of global climate change are already being felt by us all as the world’s weather patterns are disrupted and affected. From extended heatwaves and severe drought in some parts of the world to flooding and extreme cold temperatures in others, it is the poor and vulnerable who will suffer the most.

We are therefore currently working with Carbon Tanzania on a project which will ensure the safe keeping of Africa’s precious Umbrella Thorn Acacia trees and prevent 1 tonne of carbon from being released into the atmosphere through deforestation.