Everything You Should Know About Getting a Tanzania Visa

Planning a trip to the United Republic of Tanzania? You have two options for getting a Tanzanian Visa: on arrival or through an e-Visa application before your arrival.

If your trip is within two weeks, it’s advisable to consider a Visa on Arrival, if eligible. During this process, you’ll need to provide your visa details, which we’ll provide on your booking voucher.

Who Needs a Tourist Visa for Tanzania?

Most countries, including those in the European Union, UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, and many others, require a visa for entry. Applying for an Ordinary Visa, granting a single entry for up to three months, is usually straightforward. It costs $50, except for US citizens who need a pricier multiple-entry visa.

Remember that visas are valid for three months from the date of issue, so your entry should occur within this period. Your passport should be valid for six months from your entry date, and proof of return travel and funds might be necessary.

However, citizens of Brazil, China, India, and Turkey traveling with diplomatic or special passports can enter Tanzania without a visa.

Multiple Entry Visas for Tanzania

If you’re a US citizen planning multiple entries to Tanzania within a year, consider obtaining a multiple entry visa for $100. Others can also apply for this type, justifying the need for multiple entries. Your passport must be valid for six months upon entry, and a passport photo, return ticket proof, and possibly supporting documents are required.

Applying for a Tanzania Visa Online

Tanzania offers e-visas, providing an easy online application process. Submit passport details, scanned passport identity pages, a clear passport-style photo, and proof of payment via the official website (https://visa.immigration.go.tz/). Some Tanzanian embassies accept applications, but not all.

Visas on Arrival in Tanzania

Besides applying in advance, you can also get a visa on arrival in Tanzania regardless of your origin. Ensure to check the latest entry requirements on the Tanzania Immigration Services Department website (https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/guidelines) before your trip.

These visas are available at airports in Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar, as well as the Namanga and Tunduma border posts.

Don’t be alarmed when officials direct you to the emergency visa checkpoint on arrival – this is where visa on arrival applications are made. 

You will be asked to queue for: 

  • a Government Control Number 
  • to pay for this at the bank 
  • for Immigration to check and issue the visa 

The queues can be long and you may be asked for proof of onward travel and proof of funds. We strongly recommend that those that still have time before they travel apply for their Tanzania visa online at www.immigration.go.tz . 

Visa on arrival process can take in excess of two hours, and we’d really prefer that your guests did not have to go through that. 

Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements

While a yellow fever vaccine certificate isn’t mandatory, it might be needed if you’ve been in a country with endemic yellow fever (like Kenya) before your arrival. The list of countries with a high risk of yellow fever can be found on the CDC website (https://www.cdc.gov/yellowfever/maps/index.html).

Referral Visas for Tanzania

Residents of specific Central Asian and African countries require special clearance to enter Tanzania. You’ll need to apply at least two months before your travel date. Approval is not guaranteed, so avoid booking flights or accommodations until you get approval from the Tanzanian authorities (https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/guidelines).

Tanzania Transit Visas

If you’re briefly entering Tanzania before heading to a neighboring country like Kenya or Rwanda, consider a transit visa for $30. This visa allows a stay of up to seven days. You may need to show proof of a visa or travel ticket for the country you’re traveling to.

Extending a Tanzania Visa

Most visitors are granted a three-month stay, but overstaying can lead to penalties. However, you can extend your visa by another three months at immigration offices in major Tanzanian cities.