Other Useful Info

Campsite facilities include basic washrooms, although they may not be as clean as private lodge bathrooms. Using shared washrooms at night is discouraged due to nearby wildlife, so it’s not recommended for families with young children.

For charging devices like phones and cameras, safari vehicles have charging ports to ensure you don’t run out of battery.

The wilderness experience largely depends on the location of your stay, with some basic camping sites offering a close-to-nature experience similar to ensuite accommodations.

When it rains, budget camping can be less comfortable, as campgrounds can become muddy and tents may not be entirely waterproof. It’s not recommended during heavy downpours, typically from March to May, when tented camps/lodges often offer discounts.

Budget camping safaris are generally 10-20% cheaper than similar tours with low-end ensuite accommodations. However, for shorter itineraries that don’t visit the Serengeti, camping safaris can be similarly priced or even more expensive than budget lodges.

Mixing basic camping with tented camps/lodges can be less convenient and may not significantly reduce costs, as you’ll still be charged for camping equipment rental.

In conclusion, budget camping safaris have pros like lower costs for tours to the Serengeti but also several cons. They may not be suitable if you require more spacious accommodations, proper beds, and private bathrooms. However, they can be a good option for budget-conscious backpackers and young travelers looking to save around 10-20% on their safari budget.