Wild elephants spotted during Safari

Information About Game Drives

Game Drive Timings

  • During private safaris, game drive hours can be flexible.
  • However, there are rules for when you can enter and exit the parks (usually from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM).
  • Duration of game drives also depends on where you stay each night and the drive time to your accommodations.
  • So, game drives have to happen at specific times each day.
  • You can always choose to shorten the duration of your game drives and enjoy your lodge.

Starting Early

  • Sometimes, we have to start early in the morning.
  • This is either to have the best safari time or to avoid traffic in the morning on long travel days.

How Long We Drive

  • Your driver guide can drive for about 9-10 hours each day.
  • This includes both time on game drives and time when we’re not on a game drive.
  • Sometimes, it can be extended by an hour on some days.
  • But the driver guides can’t drive for more than 11-12 hours every day because that’s too tiring and not safe.

Rules During Game Drives

  • When we’re on game drives, we have to follow the rules of each park or reserve.
  • Some parks don’t allow us to drive off the designated roads.


  • Off-road driving (going off the roads) is not allowed in many popular parks.
  • If you want to do off-road driving, we suggest going to private conservancies in places like Masai Mara and other locations in Kenya.

Changing Guides

  • We try to keep the same guide throughout your safari in one country.
  • But sometimes, for special reasons or if you’re taking a flight in the middle of your safari, we might need to change your guide.

Physical Fitness

  • You don’t need to be super fit for safaris, but you should be able to move around comfortably.
  • Make sure you feel physically fit enough for the trip.

Travel Times

  • Pay attention to the estimated travel times in your itinerary.
  • Sometimes, because of weather or road conditions, we might need to take a different route, which can make the travel time longer.
  • If you don’t see travel times in your itinerary, ask your sales consultant for them.

Questions or Issues

  • If you have any problems or questions about the game drive schedule, talk to your briefing manager as soon as possible.
  • They can talk to the guide and help sort things out for you.