Information on Safari Accommodations

Choosing where to stay during your safari is a crucial part of your experience. Safari accommodations, especially those near national parks, differ significantly from city hotels.

In Tanzania, there’s a wide range of safari accommodations available, from budget camps and lodges to high-end luxury options. We collaborate with all types of accommodations.

During the inquiry/booking process, our sales consultant will provide you with a shortlist of options for each location in your itinerary. This selection is based on various factors, including location, views, food quality, room standards, and feedback from previous clients.

Does Nyange Adventures Own the Accommodations?

It’s important to note that the accommodations we suggest and book are independently operated by third-party companies. Nyange Adventures does not manage these accommodations.

How Safari Hotels Differ from City Hotels

Safari hotels and camps often offer different facilities compared to city hotels. Due to their remote locations, many safari accommodations are not connected to the electrical grid and generate their own power from sources like diesel generators or solar panels. This means that amenities like air conditioning, mini-fridges, and continuous hot water may not be available in all safari accommodations, even in luxury camps.

Some safari hotels, particularly tented camps within parks, may provide bucket showers. These involve using a bucket of warm water controlled by a tap behind the tent. While some safari lodges have swimming pools, many do not, including some luxury options.

Despite these differences, safari accommodations prioritize service just like city hotels of a similar standard. If you require specific amenities, please inform your sales representative in advance, and we will suggest suitable options where possible.


Due to their remote locations, Wifi and phone network availability may be limited in some safari accommodations. Even where available, it may not be consistent throughout the entire lodge and may be limited to common areas.

Location, Location, Location

Accommodations can be inside, near, or outside national parks or reserves. Some may require an hour’s drive to reach the nearest park gate. If you have specific location preferences, such as being inside the park or closer to your next day’s destination, please inform your sales representative in advance.

Safety from Wildlife

In some lodges or camps located inside national parks, there may be no fences, and wildlife may come close to the rooms. However, following the safety instructions provided by the hotel staff ensures your safety. Thousands of tourists, including families with children, stay in such camps across Africa safely every night.


All safari accommodations are booked on a Full Board basis, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Beverages are usually not included and are billed separately. Some accommodations offer an All-Inclusive option where beverages are included, indicated as “AI” in your voucher.


Lunch while on safari is typically a packed meal arranged by your accommodation. Your guide will suggest a suitable spot for a picnic lunch, providing flexibility in your game drive schedule. On some days, hot lunch can be arranged upon prior request, but this should be communicated before booking and may incur additional costs for certain itineraries.

Special Dietary Needs

If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, please communicate them in writing well before your arrival. We will pass on your requirements to the accommodations. However, please note that our role is limited to notifying the accommodation, and we cannot verify if they can accommodate all requests.

Drinking Water

Most accommodations provide about 750ml to 1 liter of drinking water per person per night, typically placed in your room upon check-in. If you need additional water, you can purchase it from the accommodation or carry some with you. Bottled water ordered in restaurants is usually charged at hotel rates.

Accommodations in the City

City accommodations before or after your safari (e.g., in Moshi or Arusha) are usually booked on a Bed & Breakfast basis. Lunch and dinner in town are not included and will incur additional charges. You can pre-book lunch or dinner at these hotels by selecting Full Board or Half Board options for an extra cost.

Laundry Service

Most accommodations offer laundry service, but you typically need to stay at least two consecutive nights to use this service. Extra charges may apply and should be paid directly by clients.

Room Configuration

Double sharing rooms have one large bed (king or queen size), while twin sharing rooms have two single beds. For two people sharing a room, we usually book a double sharing room. If you prefer a twin sharing room, please let us know in advance; the price remains the same.

Service Issues in Accommodation

If you encounter any issues related to your room, food, water, or service during your stay, report them to the camp manager and your Nyange Adventures briefing manager. While we cannot guarantee an immediate resolution, our team will do its best to address the situation, including contacting senior management of the camp if necessary.

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend researching accommodation options by visiting their websites, checking TripAdvisor reviews, and evaluating if they align with your preferences. Feel free to ask any questions about accommodations to your sales representative. After your safari, we will request feedback on the accommodations so that we can provide suggestions for improvement to the respective hotels.