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Mount Meru

5th Tallest Mountain In Africa

Tanzania Mountains

Mount Meru

Mount Meru, at 4,566 meters (14,980 feet), is a dormant stratovolcano located in Arusha National Park, 70 kilometers (43 miles) west of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Mount Meru Climbing normally takes four days, but a trek to the summit can be completed in three days.

On a clear day, it can be seen from Mount Kilimanjaro and is the fifth-highest mountain in Africa, depending on definition. Climbing Mount Meru, Tanzania’s second highest peak, is fantastic, with no traffic and an amazing wildlife experience as you hike past wild animals.

While Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, receives the majority of the attention when it comes to climbing in Tanzania, there are other peaks worth considering as well. The most notable of these is Mount Meru, which is located a short distance west of Kilimanjaro and serves as an excellent warm-up trek for those with the time and desire an even bigger adventure. Climbing Mount Meru is extremely rewarding.

Mount Meru Climb typically takes four days, but it is possible to complete a trek to the top in three days because acclimatization is essential even on this lower peak. Every trekking group follows the same path up the mountain, which starts at Momella Gate.

Climbing Mount Meru provides travelers with two benefits. For starters, it gives trekkers a taste of what it’s like to climb Kilimanjaro on a smaller scale, providing a grand adventure for those who don’t have much time or don’t want to deal with the higher altitude found on Kilimanjaro.

Best Time to Climb Mount Meru

Mount Meru can be trekked all year, but the best time to do so is during the dry season, which runs from June to the beginning of March. Learn when is the best time to climb Mount Meru. If you are considering a Mount Meru trekking tour in November or December, you should be prepared for rain. We recommend scheduling your Meru trek in January to get the best views of Africa’s snow-capped roof, Mount Kilimanjaro.

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