Nyange Adventure
& The Community

As a Tour Company it is not only a Responsibility but also Essential to Understand Community Problems but also Ensure Solutions this is why Nyange Adventures is Part of Non Profits such has water for Mercy


Water 4 Mercy provides the 'One-Two-Three Solution' to permanently end thirst, hunger and poverty in our world. With our innovative technologies and partners, we provide clean water, agriculture, and educational solutions.

In some regions of Africa, people are lacking the very basic human needs we take for granted. Many hours are spent walking to find water in holes in the ground instead of schooling, studying, helping with the family and so much more. All of this time walking just to find poor quality water in limited supply. If water is not found, they drink the blood of animals to avoid dying of thirst.

Water4Mercy Solutions


With an Israeli NGO contractor, Innovation:Africa, we are implementing solar-powered water systems. To involve the villages in every step of the project, we create a local solar water committee for community ownership of the project. We then install a real-time monitoring system to understand how much water and energy is being utilized.


Being good stewards of their water, we then bring sustainable farming solutions to our villages with drip irrigation. This allows villages to grow more food with less water. With the expertise of our Israeli agronomists CultivAid, smart farming systems, hybrid seeds and fertilizers are provided, along with extensive training to ensure the locals are thriving with their learned farming skills.

Nyange Adventure and the Community Food


AITeC is Water 4 Mercy’s Agricultural Innovation and Technology Center built to transfer knowledge to students, teachers, farmers, extension agents, and local communities. AITeC teaches and shares the technologies and methodologies that we are implementing across our villages. Our AITeCs are incorporated within the world renowned premier teaching institution, Don Bosco Technical Institutes of Africa.

Climbing For Cause

Water For Mercy Founder, Nermine Rubin and her daughter, Samantha started Water 4 Mercy in 2018. They kicked it off by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and collecting donations at every stop!Nyange Adventures is proudly Conducting Same Trekking Experiences and you can be part of it if you are Interested Contact us For More Information

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