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We have our own 7-seater unique safari vehicle in our fleet. Each vehicle has a hatching roof and sliding windows, which make it excellent for game viewing, tourism, and professional photography. All of these things are necessary for a memorable safari tour. Before leaving, vehicles are cleansed and sanitized, and a trained technician maintains them on a regular basis to ensure safety and security.

All passengers are given a window seat with adequate legroom to move around comfortably. When you’re spending up to ten hours a day in the vehicle, this is importannt

Vehicle Seating Plan

Vehicle Amenities

First Aid Kit

Each safari vehicle is fully equipped with a first-aid kit. Our guides have been trained to use these kits in the event of an emergency and Instructed to drive to nearby clinical centres for further assistance

Books & Maps

We make every effort to keep your safari entertaining and informative. You will find a collection of books about mammals and birds, as well as detailed maps of the area.

Pop Up Roof

In order to fully Enjoy Wildlife encouters, Your Safari Vehicle is customized with an Open roof which allows you to Stand and Enjoy your Game Drive 

Larger Windows

We Understand the most important reason for your trip is to witness the wonders and beauty of Tanzania hence every Client gets a window seat with large windows ensuring an amazing and great game viewing experience

Mini Freezer

Our Vehicles are also equipped with a mini freezer for storing your beverages on your Game Drive. Drinking Water is provided to you by us, Soft drinks may also be provided. Please refer to your Itenerary to see what is Included

Charging Systems

For those of us who enjoy documenting our Safari or simply staying updated, Our vehicles are fully equipped with a charger system for your Phones, Cameras and Laptop. You can have a fully game drive without worry 

Vehicle Image Gallery

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