Serengeti Safari

5 Things you Should Know before Booking

Serengeti safari is the ultimate African safari experience. The majority of the safari inquiries we receive are about Serengeti safari.  From our experience, we think travelers who wish to do Serengeti safari should consider the following five points

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great migration

The great wildebeest migration during your Serengeti safari

The great wildebeest migration is the top highlight of Serengeti national park. Knowing what is great wildebeest great migration and what to expect will help you for example decide when to go to Serengeti and how many nights you should spend there. The great wildebeest migration or simply the great migration is an ever-moving circular migration of over 2 million animals between the Serengeti national park in Tanzania and Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya. The great migration is the world’s largest herd movement of animals. This movement includes over 1.2 million wildebeest, 300000 zebras, along with topi and other gazelles. The great migration has two main shows – the calving and river crossing. Read more about the great migration here.

The best time to do a Serengeti safari

The best time to visit Serengeti national park is a relative term because it depends on many things as we outline here. First, you need to know that you can visit Serengeti national park all year round, however, if you are looking to experience the great migration, we advise you to consider the months of June to October. The period June to October can give you the opportunity to watch the ultimate great migration experience, which is the river crossing of the wildebeest, zebras, and various antelopes. If you are a bird watching lover, then consider the months of November to April because there are plenty of bird species during this time including migratory species, which arrive from Europe and Northern Africa. The wet season of March to May provides an opportunity to save money on accommodation, and enjoy the safari experience with fewer visitors in the park as this is low season. However, the wet season may come with harsh conditions on the roads and make the game viewing difficult. Some accommodations may not even be accessible. The overall best time to visit the Serengeti is the dry months of June to October. Even if you are not up for the great migration, this period gives the best game viewing possibilities. However, note that this period is what we call high season hence prices of accommodations tend to be more expensive.

Number of days you need to visit the Serengeti

Serengeti national park covers an area of 14763 square km (5700 square miles). Different parts of the Serengeti offer unique viewing experiences. There are various add-on activities you can do in Serengeti national park such as balloon safari, walking safari, and special off-road drives. Hence, to maximize your experience in the Serengeti, you need to spend a minimum of 4 days (3 nights) in the park. However, 3 days (2 nights) minimum can help you have a glimpse of what Serengeti can offer and you may enjoy it.

Serengeti Safari accommodation options

Safari accommodations in Serengeti national park are of three types. You may decide to sleep in a tent, in a lodge, or in a tented camp. Your choice of accommodation may depend on the level of comfort, exclusivity, and budget. You may want to visit websites such as Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge, Serengeti Torilis Camp to get an idea of accommodation in the Serengeti.

How to get to the Serengeti

You can get to the Serengeti by plane or by vehicle. It takes about 8 hours to go directly from Moshi to the Serengeti. Since it takes so much time to travel from Moshi/Arusha to Serengeti national park, we normally do not go straight from Moshi/Arusha to Serengeti. Instead, we would drive to Tarangire or Lake Manyara national park. We spend the first night in the Karatu area. The drive from Moshi to Tarangire takes approximately 4 hours. The next day, the drive from the Karatu area to Serengeti will take about 4 hours. Instead of a road trip to the Serengeti, you can fly from Arusha airport. There are 9 airstrips in the Serengeti. Our driver will drop you at Arusha airport for the flight while another driver will be ready to pick you up at the corresponding airstrip in Serengeti. You can also get to the Serengeti by plane from other national parks and game reserves such as Masai Mara.

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