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Trip Overview

Experience a one-day culinary adventure immersing in the vibrant flavors of Zanzibar. Begin with a spice tour, explore bustling markets, and engage in hands-on cooking guided by experts. Receive a recipe booklet to recreate authentic Zanzibari dishes at home, capturing the essence of this enchanting island’s culinary heritage.

About this tour

Start with a spice tour at a nearby farm, discovering Zanzibar’s famous spices and their role in local cooking. Afterward, visit a lively market with your instructor to find ingredients for the class.Enjoy your meal while discussing Zanzibari food culture



9:00 AM: Meet at the planned spot or be picked up from your place by the cooking class organizer. 9:30 AM: Begin with a spice tour at a nearby farm. Discover Zanzibar’s famous spices and how they’re important in local cooking. Get involved in gathering and preparing spices. 11:00 AM: Leave the farm and go to a lively market. Roam the market with the instructor, discovering the different ingredients used in Zanzibari cuisine and buying what’s needed for the cooking class.


Choose between a modern kitchen or a traditional Zanzibari cooking school. Meet the instructor and other participants. 1:00 PM: Start cooking with guidance. Prepare Zanzibari dishes using fresh market ingredients. Learn traditional techniques and spice combinations. 3:00 PM: Enjoy your meal and discuss Zanzibari food culture and flavors with the instructor.


4:00 PM: Get a recipe booklet with the dishes you made, plus cooking tips. Use it to make Zanzibari food at home.
4:30 PM: Say bye to the instructor and others, ending the class. Optional: If time allows, explore nearby or relax on the beach.
6:00 PM: Go back to your place or continue with your evening plans, remembering what you learned in the cooking class.

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Price Includes

Hands-on experience preparing Zanzibari dishes in a chosen environment (modern kitchen or traditional cooking school).

Guided exploration of a local market as per the itinerary.

Fresh ingredients used in the cooking class.

Entrance fee to a spice farm and learning about local spices.

Guidance from a culinary expert throughout the day.

Price excludes

Tipping your instructor is a kind gesture to acknowledge his or her hard work and excellent service. While tipping is not mandatory, it is certainly appreciated.

Pick-up and drop-off from your accommodation is an additional cost and can be arranged upon request.

Souvenirs, personal shopping, and other incidental costs are your responsibility.

Extensions after Your Tour

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