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Lake Eyasi

Located in the southwest corner of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, is the beautiful Lake Eyasi, a soda lake that is fed by the Sibiti and Baray Rivers. This sparsely visited lake lies at the base of the Western Rift Valley wall and has shallow alkaline water, which is quite salty with plenty of algae.

The region around Eyasi is the home of the Habzabe and Datoga communities who continue their ancient lifestyle of hunting and pastoralism respectively. This off-the-beaten-track area is much more tranquil, giving visitors plenty of time to absorb the natural setting of the 405 sq mile lake. In contrast to the savannah and arid plains of other parts of Northern Tanzania, Lake Eyasi offers tall palm trees along its shores and a variety of birdlife, such as Fisher’s lovebird, flamingo, pelican, spurfowl, stork and many others.

Often this trip is made along with a visit to the Hadzabe tribe. Visit Cultural Tours for further information.


  • Witness The Mighty Jungle Kingdom.
  • Be a Part of Heritage Route.
  • Get A Chance To Spend Time With Local People.

Best time to go

A visit to Lake Eyasi is good all year round. Although the rainy season (March to May) can affect walking trails.

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