Experience life on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and visit Marangu, a quaint village that offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the Chagga people.

The name Marangu comes from the local Chagga word meaning ‘spring water’ and the village itself is located in the foothills of Africa’s tallest mountain, about 40km from Moshi town. This one-day tour takes in various natural and cultural sites on the surrounding slopes.


Waterfalls – Make a splash in the mountain water of Kilimanjaro and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding valleys.

Chagga Museum – The Chagga culture and history can be explored by visiting the museum. There are several exhibitions including a reconstructed thatched Chagga house.

Underground Chagga Tunnels – These were used by the Chagga people to hide themselves from the enemies during clan wars.

Colourful Local Markets – Marangu is the largest market for the sale of bananas in the country and attracts buyers from all over Tanzania.

Coffee and Banana Farms – Visit coffee farms and a local home where you can enjoy local dishes and learn the traditional process of preparing coffee from bean to cup.

Local Bar – Drop in to one of the local Chagga bars and drink the traditional “mbege” a local brew made from millet and banana wine.

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