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Great Animals to see on Safari

Seeing giraffes on your safari is a great feeling and the good news is that you have a great chance of seeing these majestic animals in most of the parks here in Tanzania. Giraffes are special animals in Tanzania; in fact, they are one of the national symbols. In this post, we are going to share with you reasons you should see giraffes on safari. But before learning the reasons why people love seeing giraffes on safari, let us outline some facts about giraffes that you may not know.

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Giraffe chewing green branch

Interesting facts giraffes

1. A giraffe can weigh up to 1900kg (this is huge, taking into account the fact giraffes are the world’s tallest land animals).
2. Despite being incredibly tall, the giraffe neck has the exact same number of bones as a human neck!
3. Giraffes only need to drink once every few days, as they can get most of their water from all the plants they eat.
4. Giraffes chew bones from carcasses to make their own bones stronger, a behavior known as osteophagy. You didn’t think about that either, did you?
5. Giraffes mostly eat fresh leaves and twigs from the tops of trees (particularly spiky acacia trees) but sometimes they can eat grass.
6. Like human fingerprints, no two giraffes have the same pattern. You may know this from zebras.


Why people love seeing giraffes on Safari

We do love giraffes, who doesn’t? We have seen how our Safari clients get excited when they see giraffes. From these experiences, we have noted the following reasons why people love seeing giraffes during safaris.
1. Giraffes movements are incredible: Giraffes have two ways of moving, a loping walk and a gallop walk. When they walk, the giraffes move both feet on one side of their body in unison, followed by both feet on the other side which makes it very interesting to watch. If you happen to see giraffes running (which is a rare thing to witness) make sure you notice how they move the front feet together, then the back feet, swinging the hind feet up and planting them in front of the forefeet.
2. Giraffes are the master browsers and it is fascinating to see them feed up high on the trees. In addition, you can identify their gender by their feeding habit. Male giraffes concentrate on leaves from the highest branches, while the females arch their necks to eat closer to the ground. It is easier to spot giraffes eating as they spend over half of the day doing just that. In a day, a giraffe can eat up to 66 kilograms of food.
3. Their appearance in the park is something else. At an average height of 6 meters (18 feet), giraffes are undoubtedly the skyscrapers in the wild. Hence giraffes are really majestic and to see them is a must if you visit any national park that they exist.

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